Keynote Speaker

Joseph P. Dorrian, Director

The Ohio School of Falconry

Joseph P. Dorrian

Joe has had a lifelong passion for birds of prey and the sport of falconry since the age of 12, when he first read the book My Side of the Mountain.

Dorrian is married to his wife Kim and they have two children, Mason and Lainey.

A graduate of The Ohio State University (with an MA in Workforce Development), he has worked for over 20 years as an Organizational and Leadership Development Consultant.

Soon after completing his graduate work, Dorrian began his journey towards becoming a licensed Apprentice Falconer and in 2012 became a state licensed Master Class Falconer.

It was around this time that Dorrian began to see the connections between what he taught in his leadership courses and his efforts training and hunting with birds of prey.

The Ohio School of Falconry is the meeting of these two worlds.

With each program that he facilitates, Dorrian strives to help individuals understand and appreciate, not only birds of prey and the sport of falconry, but also the important role that trust plays in the development of healthy working relationships, whether it be with humans….or hawks!